Training Systems and Communications Support for Our Military

At WarHorse Training Solutions, we take a combat veteran’s approach to ensure that mission requirements are met before, during, and after the delivery of a training and/or communications system. We also see to it that we are consistent in providing the DoD with invaluable assistance throughout service support missions.

When providing training systems, we take into account the pace of force modernization, emerging technologies, changes in the international security environment, and worldwide potential for full spectrum operations in urban and complex terrains. This understanding is critical to a unit’s ability to successfully execute training for combat operations.

We tailor our services and products to meet military-specific requirements. Because of our unwavering commitment to be of help to our warfighters, we intend on being one of the leading providers of training and communications systems for the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD).

Our Areas of Expertise

Our team is composed of military veterans who have comprehensive knowledge of military capabilities, training requirements, and communications platforms.  Using a combat veterans approach, we provide only the best systems available for today’s military to ensure the customer is offered the most innovative and realistic training. We value our clients’ trust, which is why we always go above and beyond to ensure that they are satisfied with our tools, equipment, and services.

Training Aids/Devices

  • Battlefield Effects
  • Weapons Simulators
  • Miles-Like Capabilities
  • IED Devices
  • Electronic Warfare Devices
  • Illuminators
  • Smells Generators
  • Uniforms
  • Pyrotechnic Devices


  • Communication Assessments
  • Fiber Optics Installation/Repair
  • Field Service Representative (FSR)
  • Network Administration Support
  • Point of Presence Installation/Repair
  • Retransmission Support
  • Video Surveillance Installation/Repair
  • C4ISR
  • Information Technology Support

Training Systems

  • Convoy Escort Trainers
  • Heat Rollover Trainers
  • Mobile Incident Command Units
  • Mobile Marksmanship Trainers
  • Stryker Crew Training Systems
  • Virtual Convoy Trainers
  • Mobile Small Arm Range
  • Portable Surveillance
  • Thermal Imaging

Training Support

  • Exercise/Training Support
  • Combat Service Support
  • Personnel
  • Tentage
  • Various Additional Functions

*What is offered is included but not limited to.

Work With Us

Having the best and most comprehensive training and communications systems available is paramount to the success of our military. However, tools and equipment will not be that effective if they are not relevant to the needs of the times.

As warfighting doctrine and transformation are considered as constantly evolving processes, various training methods can quickly become obsolete. This is why we continuously monitor processes and training methods so we can stay abreast of current trends.

These changes mandate that training support modernization needs to be dynamic to keep pace with the process of digitalization and lethality. As part of our efforts to maintain warfighter readiness, we make sure that the systems we provide will help maximize the strengths of the Soldier Training Support Program, Training Support Centers, Mission Command Training Support Program and Network Enterprise Centers.

To learn more about our training and communication systems, contact us today. We look forward to joining forces with you!

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